Google Lens Preview on Mi A1

Mi A1 google lens

Google lens

Hi Mi Fans!

Redmi introducing a new feature Google lens preview which is recently added along with Google Photos & Google Assistant.

Google Lens is based on AI (Artificial intelligence). 

What is Google Lens?

Google Lens is a tool that effectively brings search into the real world. Google lens app is built into the Google Photos. you point your phone at something around you that you want more information on and lens will provide that information.

What Google Lens does is that it read the photos and recognize the objects and then delivers information regarding them. It could really come in handy when you want to find the brand or name of the particular item you could just point your mobile at it and get the necessary information.

Google AI!

AI is the natural evolution of search. Traditionally when you search for something on google, would bring up responses by looking for exact matches in the content. The ideal scenario would be for google to actually understand what you are saying and then provide results on that basis. That way it could offer relevant additional info, it could suggest other useful things and become an even more indispensable part of your life.


  • Artworks
  • Books
  • Barcodes
  • Landmarks
  • Movies
  • Places
  • Statues
  • Video Games


  • Language Translation
  • Look up product information
  • Add contacts from a business card
  • Save dates to your calendar from a poster

These are the things your Assistant and Google Lens can help you all the times:-

Art, books & movies:- Look up a book to see the rating and a short synopsis. Learn about a movie from the trailer to reviews right from the poster. 

Barcodes:- Quickly look up products by barcode, or scan QR code, all with your assistant.

Landmarks:- Explore a new city like a pro with Assistant to help you recognize landmarks, learn about their history.

Text:- Follow URL’S, call phone numbers and navigate to addresses, Save information from business cards.


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