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Xiaomi just launched their new flagship phone Mi Mix 2S in Shanghai. The company didn’t speculate on when the phone will be launching in India, but they did reveal all of the phone’s specifications. 

There’s been a lot of conjecture over whether the Mi Mix 2S would come with an iPhone X-type notch or will the device be notch

The new flagship phone by Xiaomi is, in fact, notch-less but does sport a vertical dual camera setup similar to Apple’s design. Xiaomi also employed this design on the Redmi Note 5 Pro, which launched earlier this year. 

Mi Mix 2S price and release date:-

The Mi Mix 2S is available in three variants. The 8GB/256GB variant costs 3999 RMB, whereas the 6GB/128GB variants is priced at 3599 RMB and the basic 6GB/64GB variants is 3299 RMB. 

This roughly translates to Rs 41,435 for the premium model, Rs 37,291 for the mid-range model, and Rs 34,182 for the basic variant. The top end model comes with its own wireless charging port and supports all global bandwidths.

It will go on sale in China on 3rd April, but the India release date is still awaited. 

Mi Mix 2S design:-

In comparison the Mi Mix 2s, the design hasn’t changed considerably and neither has the battery size. The Mi Mix 2S does sport a narrower frame and has an upgraded dual camera.

The phone has curved edges, a ceramic body, and an aluminium frame. It’s available in two color variants, that is, black and white. The black device will come with gold rims, where as the while variant will come with a silver rim. 

The screen is a 5.99-inch front panel with FHD+ and a 18:9 aspect ratio. Xiaomi calls this the ‘Full Screen Design 3.0’.

Mi Mix 2S camera:-

Previous rumors hypothesized that the Mi Mix 2S has a front camera in the top right corner, rather than on the bottom right corner like the Mi Mix 2, but this isn’t the case.

The Mi Mix 2S also has a single shot dual camera design with two 12MP cameras on the back. The pixel size has increased from 1.25nm to 1.4nm, which is much larger than the what was available on the Mi Mix 2. The iPhone X sports a 1.25nm sensor in comparison, though Xiaomi does admit to using Apple’s camera solution.

The camera has also been equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) so that users can use the Bokeh mode. There’s a dynamic mode where they can save their photos as a gif and the app allows users to change the shape of the background blur. For example, round blurred lights can be changed to hearts.

 The Sony IMX 363 sensor is a flagship level component, which is paired with the dual pixel autofocus feature. In combination, Xiaomi claims that it will enable the camera to focus faster in low light environments. The optical zoom feature, in addition, will be useful for live situations and long range shots. 

To prove the Mi Mix 2S’ camera competence, Xiaomi got a DxOMark rating for the phone which is a industry wide benchmark to assess their smartphone cameras. Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 2S scored 101, exceeding the 100 mark, which is fairly impressive. 

Mi Mix 2S specifications:-

It was speculated that the new flagship from Xiaomi would come equipped with Qualcomm’s fastest processor, the Snapdragon 845. And it holds true, with the Mi Mix 2S being first phone with the flagship chipset to be in launched in China. It clocks at 2.8GHz and comes paired with the Adreno 630 GPU.

In collaboration with Tencent, Xiaomi showed a performance comparison with the iPhone X where the Mi Mix 2S performed better with less battery consumption and without heating as much. 

The premium variant of the phone comes with 8GB RAM and 256GB of onboard storage. There are two other variants with 6GB ROM but storage options of either 64GB or 128GB.

The Mi Mix 2S runs on MIUI 9 layered on top of Android Oreo 8.1.

The phone comes with a do not disturb mode and Xiaomi’s digital assistant ‘Xiaoai’. Since Xiaoai is a Chinese digital assistant, this feature probably won’t roll out on the devices that will come to India. 


Just like the Mi Mix 2, the Mi Mix 2S comes with NFC functionality making sharing easier for users. The phone also supports AR and through its strategic partnership with Google, the phone is capable of playing games enabled by AR Core.

A significant feature that was introduced on the Mi Mix 2S Qi charging. This basically means that the phone now supports wireless charging through 7.5W quick charge. Xiaomi’s also launching its own wireless charging port for 99 RMB (Rs 1,025), which is relatively cheaper than the other options in the market.

The Mi Mix 2S is first Xiaomi phone to support wireless charging, and one of few Chinese brands that offer this feature.

Mi Mix 2S-Specifications-Price and Release date(india).

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